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Auel's latest book was just released in March.  I read the first five in the Earth's Children series and loved them.  The amount of research Auel conducted for these books is incredible.  I now have the latest book and am in the process of reading it.  The series is about Ayla, a woman of Neanderthal/Modern man Europe, who survives and thrives, first alone, and then with her companions--three horses, a wolf and Jondalar.  Love her books!


I started reading his books back in 1976, during the American Bicentennial.  I think there were eight books in the Kent Family Chronicles.  It was like stepping back into history.  I enjoyed reading about the generations.


Killer Angels and Gods and Generals, if you like to read historical novels, read these.  Civil War novels. 


Centennial and Chesapeake.  Unbelievable research and storytelling.  Read about his life by clicking on the link below.  Very interesting.