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That's right.  There hasn't been for a very long time.  Spread the word.  There's actually a Santa Claus that each one of us can relate to, because after 20 generations, the Santa family is a very large, across-the-globe multi-cultural family.

In the beginning, of course, there was "a" Santa, but just as the Believing world grew, so did the Santa Claus family.  After the First Santa moved to the North Pole, he sent his sons, once they'd reached maturity, to live and marry in other cultures. 

Every Christmas, they come back to the North Pole (actually they moved to the town of North Pole) to pick up the presents and deliver them.  The twist in the story is that after all these generations there's a girl in the family, an adopted girl at that, and it changes everything.

Don't you think it's time we stop telling the children that one Santa delivers presents all over the Believing World in one night?  It's just not possible!  It's time to tell the world about Holly, Rudy and the entire Santa Claus family. 

Won't you help?  Let's change the paradigm!  And find out who the 21st North Pole Santa is!