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I've created some unique characters in my story called, The Flower Children and the Weed Patch, that will help teach children about bullies and bullying.  Wouldn't it be great if we could just "see" those "bad" thoughts popping up in ours kids heads before they do the deeds?  Or what if our children could no longer deny having done something they know they shouldn't have? 

Well, in this story, instead of having hair like we do, everyone has flowers or weeds -- or a combination of the two.  And everyone is identifiable by the name of the flowers that grow on their heads.  Characters names are Daisy, Purple Cone Flower, Coreopsis, Orchid, and so forth.  It's only when they retain "bad" thoughts (or do bad deeds) that they start growing weeds amongst those beautiful floral arrangements.

In this eBook, I've hyperlinked to sites with printable coloring pages of the various flowers, as well as links to word definitions and even a link to a National Geographic video on hummingbirds.

In addition, when you order the story, you'll be able to download all the characters FREE, so that students can role play with these cutouts.  So many learning opportunities there, whether you are parents or a teacher!

Daisy and her mother walked outside and sat on chairs at a round table surrounded by colorful flowers.  It was Daisy’s favorite spot in the whole world. 

“Daisy,” said her mother, “I pulled the weed from your head, and it came out roots and all.  But, dear, it can come back.” 

Daisy was horrified.  “Oh, no, mother.  It was horrible.  What can I do?  I don’t want weeds in my hair.”

“What you must do is control your thoughts.  You see, Daisy, the weeds take root when you have bad thoughts.” 

“Bad thoughts,” Daisy was frantic. “What are the bad thoughts, and how do I keep them out?” 

Bad thoughts are those that don’t make you feel good about yourself or others,” her mother continued.  Tulip paused to let this sink in and then continued.

"You are a very good child, Daisy.  You can’t always prevent the thoughts from coming, but you can let them pass without holding onto them.  It is when you hold on to them that they take root and grow.”  Then she asked Daisy to think.  “Do you remember what bad thought you might have had recently that you didn’t let go of?”

To order this fun, educational book and get the printable characters free,
please contact me at dgzahn@hotmail.com.  Put "Flower Children and the Weed Patch" in the subject line.  Once I receive your check for $3.00, I'll send you the printable file with the story and characters as an attachment.